In Phase Two, nine talented creatives have been commissioned for the Remembering Together Covid Community Memorial project, with a total support of £70,000.

The project aims to create five memorials alongside a commemorative book. Selected artists include Renzo Spiteri, JJ Jamieson, Helen Robertson, Heather Christie and Malcolm Innes. Documenting the artists' creative process are content capturers Genevieve White (writer), Niamh Wylie (photographer), Chloe Keppie (book designer), and Liz Musser (videographer).

Each of the five memorials will receive an up to £10,000 commission, covering artist fees, travel expenses and materials. The culmination of these projects will be captured in a commemorative book, ensuring a lasting legacy. Additionally, four content capturers will each receive a £5,000 commission to document the journey and compile the memorial book.