4 content creators (writer, photographer, graphic designer and videographer) have been commissioned to document the project process.

Content Creators

Genevieve White (Writer)

"Over the next few weeks, I’ll be travelling around Shetland with photographer Niamh Wylie, meeting with the five commissioned artists and documenting their processes as they work on their projects. I’ll also be capturing community members’ stories around COVID 19 through meetings which have been arranged by the artists.

As well as working alongside Niamh, I’ll be in close collaboration with designer Chloe Keppie. Together we will be discussing how we can shape the book’s content to complement its emerging design. This way we hope to create a fitting memorial to the experiences of Shetlanders during COVID 19."

Niamh Wylie (Photographer)

"My photography for the ‘Remembering Together’ project aims to documents the artists creative process in an honest and natural way, which will compliment the writing of the book and showcase to the wider public the resourcefulness and talent of the 5 artists.

I will use documentary style photography to create an authentic visual portrayal of the individual comissions and the inspiration behind them, so that anyone who picks up the finished book can connect to it in some way."

Instagram: @niamhshootsfilm

Website: www.niamhwylie.squarespace.com

Chloe Keppie (Graphic Designer)

"The book design for "Remembering Together" aims to collate and commemorate the contributions of the selected artists, affording each creator a distinct spaces within the piece that represents their unique artform. The tone of the book design aspires to acknowledge the sacrifices made by the entire community during the pandemic, while simultaneously celebrating the spirit of joy and togetherness that prevailed throughout.

This publication will weave together the creative process and the final artistic outcomes. It seeks to offer readers an insight into the evolution of each piece, while still presenting a clean and unobtrusive presentation of the finished works."

Instagram: @eippek

Liz Musser (Videographer)

"This memorial really focusses on the process of artists response to the pandemic, which will be predominantly captured into a book. This book will be placed in locations around Shetland and be made available online, however we recognise that this isn't always the most accessible way to digest information, which is where Liz comes in. She will capture the process to make a short film that will showcase the work of the artists and the communities that they are engaging with. This will become a memorial in itself, and will be permanently available through Shetland Arts website."