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Shetland Arts is delighted to announce the launch of the Creative List: an online resource for creative Shetlanders to promote their work, build networks with each other, and provide a point of contact and information for those wishing to enquire about commissions, purchases, education and/or other opportunities.

The List allows users to create profiles describing and showcasing their work – telling people what they do, linking to websites and social media, and uploading examples of their work.

The List is divided by art form: craft, dance, drama, film, literature, music, and visual art, and when users make a profile they select the most suitable art form(s) to represent their work. The list has been divided in this way because Shetland Arts delivers arts development across these arts forms through a dedicated team of specialist officers, who can provide support to creative people working in each art form.

Screenshot of the Creative List

Users can also tag their profiles with keywords, for example ‘photography’ or ‘screenwriting,’ in order to allow people to search the List for profiles of people providing specific creative skills. This will provide Shetland Arts, and other people, groups and companies who promote creative activities in Shetland, with a comprehensive online resource of creative people in Shetland, in order to find and contact them in case a suitable opportunity presents itself.

Marketing Officer Lisa Ward said:  "We are absolutely delighted to be launching the Creative List – a truly unique resource for creative people in Shetland. We would encourage everyone – from those working in the creative sector professionally to those who do creative work as a hobby – to sign up for the List, personalise your profile and let us know about what you do."

The Creative List is available on Shetland Arts website at

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