Photographing Still Lives is a creative workshop for people of all ages that invites you to create photographic still life portraits to commemorate something important to you.

You might want to commemorate someone who was once in your life and now isn’t, a particular time or place that you don’t want to forget about, a pet, a friend, or a relative, or whatever else you’d like to remember!

Working with photographer Brian Hartley and artist Eoin McKenzie, you will take part in a small number of workshops where we will share stories, work with different kinds of objects and materials to make photographs, and most importantly – have fun!

The photographs created in the session will become part of a photography exhibition travelling with Shotput’s Scottish tour of their new work Totentanz – a show exploring death with dark humour and an open heart.


The workshops will take place in Mareel on the following dates:

Wed 21st June – 7-9pm

Thurs 22nd June – 7-9pm

Friday 23rd June – 7-9pm

Sat 24th June – 10am – 4pm

How to Sign Up

If you are interested in taking part please email Eoin, Shotput’s Engagement Co-Ordinator, on
[email protected].

You will need to be able to:

attend all workshop dates
• be happy working in a group setting
• be open to experimenting with materials provided to you and to bringing in
your own personal belongings to work with

It would be great to know some details about you – your age, if you can attend all the sessions, and why you’d like to take part.

There are between 8 and 12 spaces in the group for this project and spaces will be assigned based on a diversity within the creative group across ages, experience, and interests.

Totentanz - Performance

What if, when we die, we don't need to balance our accounts? What if, instead, we need to make a dance? A dance of death.

‘Totentanz’ is a live show and community photographic project that approaches death with dark humour and an open heart.

Two performers in a dance-hall setting try to create the perfect dance of death - and fail each time. Over the course of an hour they try out different shapes, different styles, different (sometimes glittering) costumes - trying and failing, laughing, kicking, and screaming, all in an effort to make the perfect totentanz. The photographic project creates a space for the local community to share stories and create images of death and life.

Thursday 21 - Saturday 23 September - book tickets here.

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