Shetland Arts are delighted to be offering commissions totaling £70,000 for 9 creatives to create 5 memorials and a book for the Remembering Together Covid Community Memorial project.   

Remembering Together is a nationwide project working with arts organisations and councils across Scotland to create memorials for COVID-19. These memorials will honour the people lost, mark what has changed in our lives and preserve the best of what we have learned during the Covid pandemic.   

Shetland Arts is commissioning opportunities for 5 artists and 4 content creators (photographer, writer, videographer, and designer) to collaborate on the creation and documentation of COVID Community Memorials. This initiative is a nationwide project, bringing together artists and communities to address the impact of the pandemic through artistic expression. 

‘We are looking for COVID memorials that resonate with our community – the process of these will be captured into a book, capturing the process of these art works with the local communities. We're offering artists a chance to contribute their unique voice to this important project to create lasting remembrance. This project brings together artists and communities to create acts of reflection, hope, remembrance and healing.’ - Kathryn Spence, Creative Project Programmer.

Artist Commissions

Each of the 5 memorials will receive a commission of £10,000 (inclusive of artist fee, travel & materials). Artists can work independently or collaborate with a team to visualise their projects. Locations are to be proposed by the artists, ensuring a diverse spread across Shetland. The outcomes will be captured in a commemorative book, contributing to the lasting legacy of the project. 

Documenting Content Commissions 

Four documenting content creators (photographer, writer, videographer, and designer) will receive a commission of £5,000 each to document the artistic process and compile a memorial book. This book, available both online and at designated locations in Shetland, will capture the essence of the COVID-19 experience through high-quality photography, long-form writing, interviews, and community stories. 

How to Apply 

Visit this page for more information on how to apply.

Artists and content creators are encouraged to submit their applications, outlining their proposals and skills relevant to the project.  

The next Remembering Together artist information session will be on Tuesday the 9th January, 10am - 11:30am in Mareel.  Artists will have the opportunity to express or explore ideas related to the project - booking is essential as artists will be paid for their time.  

The deadline for applications is Wednesday the 17th of January 2024. 

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