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“70 young people, 18 workshops, 6 art forms, 4 bands, 2 days and 1 gig”

In May 2015 Shetland hosted the first ever Cashback for Creativity Youth Arts Festival. Held at Mareel, Shetland Museum and Islesburgh Complex, the weekend saw 70 young people from across the isles participate in a series of workshops including: drama, film and editing, song writing, music, craft and dance.

On the Friday young people gathered at Mareel. Participants had pre-selected two workshops that they wanted to take part in as taster sessions to allow them to choose which they’d specialise in during the Saturday.

On the Friday evening young people gathered for a live music event organised by the Shetland Young Promoters Group featuring local bands including AutoPilot, Mis Behavin’, FB and the winner of the 2015 Battle of the Bands, Blind Summit. The gig showcased the range of talent on display and musical talent within the isles whilst providing an opportunity for many of the young people to experience their first live gig.

On the Saturday, young people could specialise in an art form, and worked with the workshop providers to create a showcase to be shared at the end of the Festival. This song was created by Singer Songwriter Lisa Ward and the young people participating in the performance and song writing workshop. This piece was created and recorded within a four-hour period, an example of the enthusiasm and hard work of the young people participating. Check out:

Colleagues from Skills Development Scotland attended and provided participants with the opportunity to try out the new MyWorld of Work interactive pod in the upstairs foyer of Mareel. For young people interested in taken their passion and interest in the arts forward as a potential future career, the pod provided relevant information around the skills that they would need to do so.

Feedback from young people, parents/guardians and the wider community has been incredible. This project is a demonstration on how a range of partners can come together to ensure Youth Work opportunities reach the most far flung parts of Scotland through support from Cashback funding.

The project team would like to thank the workshop providers, staff team, partners and funders for their support. The event provided young people the opportunity to learn new skills and show of their creative talent, and we would hope that many of them would now connect into community-based groups to allow their creative talent to continue to flourish.

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