Malcolm Innes has been commissioned for Shetland Arts' Remembering Together project to deliver his idea of "Back to the Light", which is an innovative art installation proposal designed to foster collective experiences of remembrance and reflection.

Light artsist Malcolm Innes, one of our artists comissioned for Remembering Together

Through multimedia elements like sound, light, and projection mapping, this installation aims to offer a unique sensory experience that engages audiences visually and emotionally. The project will consist of two related elements, “Together” and “Apart”.

"Together” will be a live participatory outdoor event to be held from 7pm - 9pm at Hay's Dock in Lerwick on the 29th March 2024. This interactive projection, sound and music event will encourage passersby to pause and participate in shared acts of remembering. Visitors can interact with the installation, contributing their movements and actions to enhance the collective experience.

In the spirit of the pandemic’s no touching rules, audience members will be able to interact and manipulate the large-scale projections from a distance via non-touch sensors. The artwork will track movement and will use that to influence and alter the projections. The visual aspects of the projection will interpret aspects of the shared experiences during the pandemic, such as social distancing, finding new ways to interact on screen, finding time to appreciate the natural world around us and making connections with people from a distance.

This event will celebrate the kind of shared public experience that was often absent during the pandemic. This will provide individuals with an opportunity to reflect on personal recollections and broader themes of hope, resilience, and our journeys from darkness towards a brighter future.

This is an outdoor event - we recommend wrapping up warm as the weather is still rather chilly.

Details on the "Apart" element to follow.

Friday 29 March
7pm - 9pm
Hay's Dock, Lerwick

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