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I’ve had a couple of requests to see my work – so I thought I’d share some images with you guys on here.

I studied for a Masters in Printmaking at the Royal College of Art in London. Below is a little look at my work from the past year. Although I studied Printmaking as a specialism, it was in the broad context of Fine Art and so I took advantage of the all the departments – from sculpture to textiles to painting. I get my kicks out of making things in mediums I’ve never worked with before – I love to learn about new ways of making. Below you will see my paper sculpture ‘Stack’ thats 3m tall and took 6 months to make. The painting on the wall behind is 2.4m high and is called ‘knitted cliff’ – the sea is made of the knitted bit unravelled. The stone sculpture is called ‘Cast’ and is made of a fossilised stone thats 130 million years old. I’m really enjoying making objects and images for The Art World – because I have never made such an immersive layered artwork before and I have never collaborated with so many people. I can’t wait to set the exhibition up and see how everybody’s hard work comes together.

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