Mareel's Recording Studio is an incredible space for Shetland's many talented musicians and visiting artists.

The hub of the recording studio at Mareel is the Control Room (3.5m x 5.7m) and Live Room (3.5m x 3.3m) with adjoining window, however due to the nature of the building, virtually any space can become a recording space. We also have the light and airy Green Room and the beautiful wood-lined Auditorium – one of the country's largest recording spaces.

We have a unique combination of state of the art equipment and vintage/bespoke recording gear and can provide a range of high quality backline, percussion, instruments, etc. We are also one of the few recording studios in the country to have a Steinway B grand piano.

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Shetland has a particularly vibrant music scene – regular traditional music sessions in the local pub, year-round festivals of Heavy Metal, Jazz, Blues and Folk and a surprising amount of visiting touring acts. Whether you want to immerse yourself in live music after a day in the studio or you need a last minute session musician, music is definitely all around.

The Shetland Islands are a perfect place to 'get away from it all' so you can concentrate completely on your project. We can offer residential packages to suit your taste and budget – from high class hotel to converted croft-house out in the wilds, cosy B&B or Lerwick's 5-star youth hostel.

A wide range of local and national artists have recorded tracks in the studio - keep an eye on the Mareel Recording Studio Facebook page to keep up with the latest Recording Studio news!

The Mareel Recording Studio can....

  • Record music: bands, duo, solo etc, both within the studio or out on location
  • Record live performances both within the venue at Mareel or out on location
  • Mix recordings: either from sessions recorded here or sessions recorded elsewhere whether that's people's home studios or a another recording studio
  • Overdub onto existing recordings so that a Shetland-based musician can collaborate with a musician elsewhere
  • Record voiceovers: we have a wide range of voiceover artists at our disposal from broad Shetland to cut glass English. We can, and do, provide voiceovers for adverts (both Radio and TV) and for films/documentaries
  • Provide bespoke soundtracks for video productions
  • Provide audio editing facilities for podcasts, apps, radio and video projects
  • Provide digitising services for archiving and preserving old format audio recordings whether that's old reel to reels from museums or cassettes from personal collections
  • Provide pre-production/rehearsal facilities
  • Provide creative production services
  • Edit and optimise audio for podcasts

Interested in booking the Recording Studio? Please contact Shetland Arts to discuss on 01595 743 843 or [email protected]