The START Bonhoga Education Programme is supported by national organisation Children & the Arts and delivered by Shetland Arts in partnership with SIC Creative Links. It provides young people in five local schools with the opportunity to participate in high quality arts activities, focusing on our contemporary visual art programme.

2015 - 2019
SIC Creative Links

This year our project is called COLLECTION & ARCHIVE.

We've been exploring the work of artists Gordon Douglas and Andy Holden and how their exhibitions use unconventional spaces and we've been thinking about ways in which our own creative archive can live on in Shetland and beyond. We've been thinking about what a collection means, why people collect things and we've discovered what our friends like to collect at home.

Watch our film (narrated by the brilliant Thomas Leask from Sandwick School) to learn more...

Boat logoShetland ArtsSTART Bonhoga Education Programme, Yr4: COLLECTION & ARCHIVE

COLLECTION & ARCHIVE was built around visits to two exhibitions, school workshops and work made towards our final exhibition, These Favourite Things, showing now in the Upper Cafe Bar at Mareel.

See last year's project UNEXPECTED SITES:

Every school had the same task to do – they each had to go for a walk in and/or around the school, take their sketchbooks and record sights, textures, the elements, and landmarks unique to each of their landscapes.....

Today we had the first of our school visits to The Colony...

More creative work from our young artists during their visits to Mareel

Now we've turned our cafe tables into works of art...

Unexpected Sites, a project about journeys – real and imaginary, culminated in an exhibition in Mareel's auditorium.
Here Amy explains more...

And take a look at our work in Year 2 with THE FUTURE...

Archive: Years 1&2

THE FUTURE Blog - START Programme Year 2
See more of THE FUTURE here

THE ART WORLD - START Programme Year 1
See what happened in Year 1


Start gives children who might miss out on arts and cultural activities the chance to participate in and enjoy high quality arts activities by providing the funding and practical support for arts organisations to partner with their local schools.

Our project involves five target schools in Shetland: Sandwick JH School, Aith JH School, Fetlar Primary School, Brae High School and Whalsay School, working with a total of c.300 pupils from 7-14 years of age.

We aim to build relationships with the five participating schools, increasing engagement with the arts, young people and the community. Through an inspiring education programme of workshops and exhibition visits we work towards a final body of work at the end of each year.

In the first year of the project (2015/16) the students explored THE ART WORLD with lead artist Amy Gear. Following this, in 2016/17, Amy looked to the future and asked: what will the world look like 300 years from now? Who will be living here in the year 2317? Will art exhibitions still exist in galleries?

Amy worked with 307 young artists to create the exhibition THE FUTURE, exhibited at Bonhoga in June 2017 and now online. Read more about the exhibition on the blog:

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