A one act play presented by Islesburgh Drama Group sets out as an exploration of misogyny, its definition and origins inspired by witnessing perceived misogynistic behaviour in our community. Written by Stephenie Pagulayan and Directed/Produced by Morag Mouat.

Watch at 7pm on Friday 30 April.

The work will be premiered across our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram TV channels, and available to view online until Monday 31 May.

'You Made Me' is a series of new contemporary plays I have been working on since 2019. The original one act play, which we will be staging for Refresh Now set out as an exploration of misogyny, its definition and origins inspired by witnessing perceived misogynistic behaviour in our community. I was taken aback by the reaction and reluctance people have to this term in everyday discussion, even when such behaviours are clearly visible or indeed personally experienced by people. What has resulted is a collection of 6 one-act plays exploring 3 generations of the same family, taking one central character's experience as the anchor to each short play. The overarching theme of the origins of misogynistic behaviours is complimented by explorations of suppression, religion, abuse, denying one's true self and the impact this can have on your life. Moreover, these plays are simply a story of a family. The twists and turns in individual lives and the rollover effect key moments and turning points have.

Inspired by the work of Alan Ayckbourn, the plays are structured and designed with scenes and acts which can be played out in any order. Each short play has a series of 4 scenes with two speaking and one non-speaking 'watcher', the symbol of a bystander in our society, the personification of the audience who have a position to be able to stop a situation occurring - but choose not to. To fit within the restrictions I have slightly reworked some scenes and I am working with the director on interesting ways we can portray the 'watcher' concept without the physical presence of a third actor on stage. I am excited to see where this exploration leads. I hope the experience of staging one of the plays with Islesburgh Drama Group will enhance the ongoing work to develop the collection. Currently one of the six plays is complete, three are at the final draft stage and two are still in storyboard development. (Stephenie Pagulayan)

Islesburgh Drama Group was established in 1950, with the active group comprising nearly 90 members who share an interest in amateur dramatics. Over the years, they have entertained Shetland audiences with a wide variety of plays, musicals, and their ever-popular biennial pantomime.

During lockdown the group have learnt new ways of presenting drama and developed our skills. They now look forward to putting that into practice by creating new pieces of work that we hope the community will enjoy.

To the community, Islesburgh Drama Group offers the chance to enjoy a wide variety of performances from their enterprising producers who are always up for a challenge! To the individual, there's a chance to become part of a friendly group of people and share in drama productions.

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