Formed in 2005 by Aussie frontman Dave Kok and local lad Jamie Duncan, Ten Tonne Dozer are a powerful groove metal unit who are one of the UK's most northern heavy rock acts.

Ten Tonne Dozer

The set can be viewed across our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram TV channels, and is available to view online until Monday 31 May.

Ten Tonne Dozer - Monster Of Your Dreams

Ten Tonne Dozer are well toured and have played numerous gigs and festivals dozering their way throughout the UK and the continent, with their live shows choc full of gut busting tunes and performing like crazed men possessed, except for shred-master Jamie Duncan who is like the eye of the hurricane during the madness. What an awe inspiring mix of blood, sweat, broken strings, and sheep skulls. The band also won the 2012 Scottish Alternative Music Awards "Best Metal" category and were joint-winners of the 2012 Fudge Award "Best International Act".

Ten Tonne Dozer features Jamie Duncan (Lead Guitar), Dave Kok (Vocals), Keith Neill (Drums), Jamie Dalziel (Guitar) and Barrie Scobie (Bass).

Son of a Leper - Tenne Tonne Dozer

This would be a fantastic opportunity for Ten Tonne Dozer, after years of supporting ourselves and representing Shetland everywhere we go on tour, writing and working with original music only and having never played a cover live, it will hopefully give the band a little bit of well earned recognition for our continual hard work towards Shetland heavy rock.

(Ten Tonne Dozer)