Explore new forms of composition, installation and performance aesthetics as responses to rural environmental atmospheres of Shetland across 4 new video works by Renzo Spiteri.

Sonic Interactions 1 | Loch of Brough

Sonic Interactions 2 | Burn at Cullingsburgh

Sonic Interactions 3 | Sumburgh Head

Sonic Interactions 4 | Wester Ayre, Yell

These works are available to watch across our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram TV channels, and available to view online until Monday 31 May.

Watch online or see the works in person at Sumburgh Airport and Northlink Ferry Terminal from Thursday 1 April until Thursday 22 April.

Rural environments in Shetland are a profound source of inspiration to me. I feel that it is the distinct atmospheres that such places transmit the particular scenario of stillness, quietness and the predominance of the natural environment that resonate with me in a unique manner.

The ruggedness, the presence of the sea, the minimal presence of humans and of man-made sounds are attributes and qualities that stimulate my creative processes. I am equally fascinated by the sonic possibilities of found objects and everyday materials that I like to re-­image and re-­use as creative tools that expand my musical language. (Renzo Spiteri)

Renzo Spiteri is an internationally respected multimedia artist, composer, creative musician and improviser who uses the sonic environment around him as primary source material that not only sets the tone to his work, but also acts as a powerful source of inspiration. He specialises in improvisation, field recording, sound collection, composition and sound design, and their application in installations, live performances and sonic material for film/moving image that he creates. Through his work, Renzo brings about a deeper sensorial engagement between listeners and his sonic creations, be it in public spaces, performance venues, film and art galleries.

Working between Shetland and Malta, Renzo is a creative musician with a performance career spanning more than 30 years whose projects and collaborations with artists have taken him on extraordinary journeys across the world, collaborating with contemporary dance choreographers, visual artists, theatre directors, spoken word artists and filmmakers.