We caught up with artists and makers who have been developing products for Refresh Now Retail. Some of the finished products will be commissioned for a limited edition range to be sold at Bonhoga, Mareel, and Sumburgh Airport.

Ross Dalziel

I am a graphic designer and photo collage artist. I like to cut and paste different images together digitally and also in paper sketchbooks. I've always loved surrealist works of art and design. Collage is a great form of expression and a chance to craft new and interesting compositions.

Chris Dyer

Chris Dyer runs Garths Croft Bressay, a family-friendly sustainable agricultural holding inspired by native and heritage breeds of sheep, pig and poultry. Chris's vibrant photographs of the animals and land allow people all over the world a glimpse of life on the croft.

Sarah Kay

Having lived nowhere else than Shetland, always surrounded by the ocean, it has been a constant inspiration to my art practice. With an affinity to a blue colour pallet, it is natural for me to represent the sea in my artwork, in a variety of ways. Including snorkelling, creating beach find jewellery, photo prints and seascape resin art.

Helen Robertson

My practice evolved to include three main elements:-

I express myself through making textile art, designing knitting patterns, running online knitting classes and designing and making jewellery.

I am inspired by life in Shetland, past and present. I aspire to push boundaries by developing and exploring new techniques and materials.

Da Local Yokel (Donna Simpson)

I'm Donna, a self taught polymer clay artist specialising in caricature bobble heads. I've been making my 'mootie me' figurines for over 7 years. I started using clay about 15 years ago as part of a Young Engerprise group, we made and sold little clay trows, and I've I've hooked on sculpting ever since.

I'm inspired by anyone who dares to be different in a world where we are encouraged to fit in.

Ink and Wool Studio (Jenny Sturgeon)

Jenny Sturgeon founded Ink and Wool Studio in 2017, and makes limited edition and open edition lino-prints inspired by nature and landscape. Ink and Wool products also include digitally printed cards, recycled cotton jewellery, screenprinted t-shirts and printed wooden postcards.

Guinivere's (Sam Wiggins)

I am a mum of 7, and wife to a long suffering Mr Guinivere's. I have a very busy house, with children and animals galore. I care deeply about the environment, and about ensuring equality within the fashion business. I always strive to ensure my range of clothing is fully inclusive, and if I discover a need for something new, then I always put my heart and soul into designing a product to fill that need.

Julie Williamson

Julie Williamson is a print designer. When studying away from home Julie found drawing images and creating designs relating to her home in Shetland a way to ease her homesickness. Each hand illustration has its own unique nostalgic memory or story to be shared.