Grimlok are a grindcore duo from Shetland with the attention span of approx two minutes! Their music follows the general definition of Grindcore using riffs at furious speed with some groove infused breakdowns played at FULL volume, their songs range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Grimlok | Premieres Saturday 24 April at 9pm

The work will be premiered across our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram TV channels, and available to view online until Monday 31 May.

Although delivering a raw, hard and in your face style of music, a lot of Grimlok's songs are quite tongue in cheek, with topics ranging from Old School Transformers, a warning to never putting butter in the fridge and spilling your tea at the peat hill. After many years of both members playing in the local scene (Bacchus, Bitumen River, Christ Alive, Ten Tonne Dozer to name a few) but never actually playing in the same band at the same time, Matthew and Rory finally came together in 2015 and created Grimlok.

Mechanic and motorbike enthusiast Matthew Robertson (Bass/Baritone) thunders out his noise like he wants go get home to watch the motoGP and screams like he just got home and missed it!

Mussel farmer and music madman Rory Dalziel (Drums) hammers the drum kit like he's fending off a zombie hoard but with roars like he's as infected as them!

Our music is popular in Scandinavian and Nordic countries, we have discussed playing some festivals and gigs and hope to get a tour arranged (if Covid ever allows!) - Refresh Now is a good opportunity to have something to share outside of Shetland so we can promote our gigs when we are able to play in person again.


Banner image and thumbnail credit: Jonathon Bulter