Journey with Da Flit - a voyage of music and poetry. Da Flit is an exciting collaboration between poet Christie Williamson, musician and composer Chris Stout and actress Sandra Voe. Weaving together historically inspired poetry with new music and field recordings to contemplate the migration of Christie Williamson's great-great-grandmother from the island of Foula to Walls on the Shetland mainland.

Da Flit | Christie Williamson, Chris Stout & Sandra Voe

The work can be viewed on our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram TV channels, and is available to view online until Monday 31 May.

Da Flit is a excitin collaboration atween poyit Christie Willimsin, composer an fiddler Chris Stoot an Shaetland boarn Shakespearian Sandra Voe. Weavin historically inspired multi-linguistic poyitry wi new music an musical evokations dis piece contemplaets da migration o Willimsin's graet-graet-graundmiddir fae Foula tae Waas.

This soond piece reimaginin da journey o Lilias Christie fae Foula to Waas weaves recordeens o da North Atlantic soundscape - wind, waves, rain and creaking timbers - wi original multi linguistic poetry written by her great-great-grandson, voiced by he and fellow descendant of Lilias Christie, Sandra Voe. Original fiddle music composed by Stout especially for this project will complete the evocation of migration by sea to the audience. (Christie Williamson)

Christie Williamson is a poet from Shetland who lives in Glasgow. His first pamphlet, "Arc o Möns" was published by Hansel Co-operative Press in 2009 and was joint winner of the 2010 Calum MacDonald Memorial Prize.

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Chris Stout has, over the last few years, become nationally and internationally recognised as one of the most exciting and dynamic fiddle players and composers of his generation. Whether as a solo artist, a member of Fiddlers Bid, leading his own quintet or as one half of his duo with long time musical associate Catriona McKay, Chris continues to innovate within traditional and contemporary musical circles, delivering performances which excite and inspire audiences all over the world.

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Sandra Voe is an acclaimed Shetland born actress with a successful career in film, television and theatre spanning over 50 years. Memorable performances include the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet with the Royal Shakespeare Company; Mrs Fraser in Local Hero by Bill Paterson and the Mother in Breaking the Waves by Lars von Trier. Her one woman play 'Christina' completed a tour of Shetland, in 1998. An early and integral inspiration of Williamson's, Sandra also carries the middle name Christie in its generational cascade from Norderhous in Foula.

Image credit: Sandra Voe, Lou Coulson Associates