Gavin Renshaw considers topography, local heritage and the ability to respond to built environments, with a strong focus on its architectural infrastructure. He often associates with outsider art and graffiti culture, and explores the topophilia associated with place. This can take the form of photograhy, painting, map-making or print. | @mrteaone

Gavin's work sits on two walls on Commercial Street, on the side wall of Bayes and the side wall of No.88, down Peterson's Closs. The intention is to create a dialogue between the two. Gavin explains, "I wanted to keep my design quite playful in response to the brief yet still have a deeper undercurrent of meaning hidden within the two walls. The concept behind the work was to look at the intrinsic relationship and historical connection that Shetland has between land and sea in regard to not only livelihood and travel but in the spiritual and primal sense of ancient and future culture."