Shetland Arts are pleased to announce the creative practitioners delivering activities and projects across Shetland as part of Culture Collective for the year 22-23.

Pocket Beats – David Boyter

Young people living in the Northern Isles and the North and West Mainland will have the opportunity to get creative with micro-synths – small, ultra portable music devices capable of producing a wide variety of sounds, that can be used singly or combined together to create a ‘band’. Young people don’t need to have any musical experience to participate and a mix of in-person and online sessions will introduce people to the exciting potential of electronic music creation.

Seafield Art Project – Berenice Carrington

What will Seafield (Yell) look like in 100 years time? Young people will explore the area of Seafield using play as a tool for mapping and creating, thinking about it’s past and present uses, and create a vision for it’s future. Participants will create and install sculptural ‘avatars’ of themselves and of the features of this future place and create a sci-fi comic about their dreams and ideas for Seafield. The project will culminate in a futuristic parade of guizers through Seafield, with a book produced to record the project.

Embrace – Jane Cockayne

Working with Ability Shetland, this project will celebrate neurodiversity, and capture a variety of lived experiences in the words and images of young neurodiverse people. Together the young people will make a film, and create a pack of activities that focus on sharing and celebrating individuality in a fun and gentle way.

Kiln Connections – Niela Nell Kalra & Katie Leask

Students at the Bridges Project will explore design and learn the fused-glass making process with Niela and Katie. Participants will explore composition, colour and function, getting more comfortable with experimenting and testing out processes and ideas before developing their own glass pieces, both individually and collaboratively.

FILSKIT – Helen Robertson

Building on a previous project, Helen returns to 9 outer isles of Shetland, to deliver a two-day workshop in Fizzy Fair Isle knitting. Workshops are open to all, regardless of experience, with the focus on making confident design decisions to suit personal tastes. The activities also aim to provide opportunities to consolidate friendships and connections, whilst islanders spend time together making.

Header and thumbnail image: Copister, Sheltered, 2021, Berenice Carrington.

Photo: Maya Darrell Hewins