Shetland Arts is delighted to have launched Shetland's very own new tool lending library - a membership-driven community resource to maximise access to tools and equipment for people across Shetland.

The aim is to encourage people to make, mend or create at home without the need to spend money buying new tools that may only be used a handful of times, thus reducing waste and promoting sustainability and creativity. The scheme will help to change the perspective of wealth by sharing and making access to tools affordable for all.

It comes as the Scottish Government, in conjunction with Zero Waste Scotland, announces support for a new national network of community sharing libraries and repair cafes as part of a drive to reduce consumption and cut waste.

Annual Membership

For a small annual membership you can join the tool library and reserve tools for loan on a weekly basis.

There are three memberships available:


  • CONCESSION £10.00

  • PAY IT FORWARD £40.00

How to sign up:

1. Click on the link above.

2. Click the ‘create account’ button up in the top corner of the page.

3. Fill in your details.

4. Select and purchase your membership.

5. You're good to go!

We need your help!

We want to make this a growing, sustainable resource and so we’re asking for support from anyone in the community who’d like to donate tools to build our tool library. Do you have any unused tools that you'd like to donate to this new scheme? Maybe something you bought to do a DIY job and haven't used since? Or maybe you run a business and you're upgrading your equipment?

If so, we'd love to hear from you.

What can be donated?

We'd love to receive donations of any kind of domestic tools, from hand tools to power tools - anything that doesn't require a licence or permit to use. We can accept sanders, drills, planers, tile-cutters, tape measures, spirit levels, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, strimmers, pressure washers, routers, jigsaws... the list is (almost) endless! As long as it's in good working order we can make use of it! All the tools will be tested, serviced and maintained by our technicians before being added to the library.

Donations of small tools can be dropped off at Mareel or larger ones can be delivered through arrangement with us via email ([email protected]).

We'll be delighted to give new life to your unwanted tools.

A wide selection of items are available to borrow from the library, all suitable for domestic use - the full inventory can be viewed here!