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21 Jan - 13 Mar 2022


Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre



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Blankets are perhaps one of our most evocative and emotive symbols of nurture. From birth onwards, we envelop our bodies in these flat panels of woven cloth for comfort and protection. - Laura Thomas, Curator

Touring from Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre in Wales, Blanket Coverage will showcase the best in contemporary woven textiles created by makers from across Wales, the UK and internationally. Find opening times here.

With traditional skills such as weaving in danger of being lost, the makers in the exhibition are ensuring that traditional crafts continue to not only survive but thrive, both celebrating and innovating the rich tradition of woollen blanket production.

Featuring work from - Angie Parker, Beatrice Larkin, Catarina Riccabona, Eleanor Pritchard, Laura Thomas, Llio James, Margo Selby, Maria Sigma, Meghan Spielman, Melvin Tregwynt, Sioni Rhys Handweavers and Wallace Sewell, in addition to Deborah Briggs, Emma Geddes of Aamos Designs and The Shetland Tweed Company.

Laura Thomas talks with Design Nation about the exhibition (no captions available)

View the Blanket Coverage catalogue (from the flagship show at Llantarnam Grange)

Download a plain text version of the Blanket Coverage catalogue (Word Doc)


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