Shetland Arts Development Agency commissioned three artists to be presented as evening events during Shoormal 2019, a conference hosted in partnership with The Centre for Rural Creativity, University of the Highlands and Islands.

The conference explored, created and debated creative practice; the environment; innovation in the creative economy; islands and creative solutions; digital collaboration; heritage and culture.

The works were be presented in the Main Auditorium in Mareel, Lerwick on Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th and Friday 20th September alongside local artists.

Each commissioned artist shared a short live performance in response to one of these conference themes:

  • Shaping Futures: Looking to the future and asking how we get there
  • The Space Between: Exploring the spaces between land and sea, human and non-human, dispersed communities and island places.
  • Heritage and Resilience: Exploring heritage-making practices and how they shape resilience in cultural, community and ecological terms.

We were excited by the quality of applications and were delighted to work alongside very well-known artists, from two of Scotland’s most distinctive musicians Fraser Fifield and Graeme Stephen, to Extinction Rebellion artist Martin Disley creating a series of audio composition and Performance artist David Sherry who performed a new performance series that consists of ten ideas that are: actions, performed stories and readings delivered in quick succession.


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