We have commission opportunities available for 9 creatives to work on Remembering Together Covid Community Memorials.

We are looking for 5 artists to create 5 memorials alongside 4 content creators (photographer, writer, videographer and designer) to document the activity and produce a book and video from their work.

Each memorial will receive a commission of £10,000 (inclusive of artist fee, travel and materials) and each content creator will receive £5,000 for their work.


Remembering Together is a nationwide project working with arts organisations and councils across Scotland to create memorials for COVID-19.

‘Collective acts of reflection, remembrance, hope and healing with communities across Scotland’ (Remembering Together | Co-creating Covid Community Memorials)


Shetland Arts, Shetland Islands Council and Greenspace Scotland commissioned Christina Inkster to deliver Phase 1 of Remembering Together in Shetland. Christina worked across Shetland engaging with different community groups and produced the report - Remembering Together | Shetland Arts.


The final phase of this project will involve commissioning local artists, to create their response to our Phase 1 report and produce a memorial.

We will also commission 4 content creators (photographer, writer, videographer, designer) to capture the activity to create a book and video. The book will be available online and around points in Shetland (library, museum, etc) summarising the activity, providing a legacy to the commissions and becoming an additional memorial. It will be a light-touch ‘coffee table’ style book with high quality photography and long form writing and interviews. This book will capture the art being created for Phase 2, along with voices of people in the community sharing their stories of COVID 19.

Artist Commissions

  • Memorialschevron-down

    The £10,000 will cover artist fees and materials that you require. You can work independently, or you can engage a team of artists to help you visualise your project.

    We aim for a spread of projects across art forms and the isles geographically. You can decide to work to an artistic outcome, or you can decide to work with a community group to deliver this outcome. Each commission can be a balance between being process or product driven. Capturing the activity into the book, ensures that there will be a tangible outcome, creating the memorial.

    Locations have not yet been decided. We expect artists to decide locations, relevant to their project proposal, and to state these in their application. We aim for a spread of geographical locations around Shetland, however locations will depend on the applications.

  • Applychevron-down

    We welcome artists of varying stages of their careers and the memorials can be in whatever art form you typically work in. To take part in this opportunity you must reside in Shetland or have strong links here.

    To apply artists will be invited to answer the below questions:

    • What art form(s) will your commission be in?

    • Will you work independently, as a team and/or with community group(s)? If you are working with others, please detail who, how and why you have decided to work with them?

    • What is your intended process?

    • What is your intended outcome?

    • What is your timeline?

    • What is your Shetland connection?

    And include;

    • Yours and any collaborator CVs.

    • Budget breakdown including artist fees, materials and any expenses that you require. Access costs are available if required.

    • Evidence of collaboration and timekeeping. It will be essential throughout this process that you are timely and well organised. Communication with your collaborators is key to ensuring the content is captured.

    Please include a timeline and an outcome, which can be a clear idea of what your finished product will be, or it can be ideas that you wish to develop as you work, however you must still express this process clearly.

    We will bring successful artists together 3 times throughout the process, to discuss opportunities, challenges and explore skill-sharing. These sessions will be 2 hours in length. Please factor these into your budget.

    Applications can be emailed to [email protected] by 17th January 2024.

  • Supportchevron-down

    Shetland Arts can support artists in devising their commissions in response to the phase 1 report, and in the delivery of their commission with or without the communities.

    The next Remembering Together artist information session will be on Tuesday 9 January, 10am - 11:30am in Mareel. Artists will have the opportunity to express or explore ideas related to the project - booking your space is essential as artists will be paid for their time (please contact [email protected]).

    Shetland Arts also offers:

    • 1-2-1’s for artists where they can discuss and develop their ideas for the commission.

    • Mentoring available for applicants prior to submission.

    • Mentoring available during the project.

    • Project Management, Technical and Marketing support throughout the project. Please note that Shetland Arts can advise on the Project Management, but it is expected that successful applicants manage and deliver their own Commissions.

Content Creator Commissions

  • Memorial Bookchevron-down

    During these 5 successful commissions, we will work with a photographer, videographer, writer and designer (commissioned at £5,000 each) to capture the activity and work collating it together into a book. This book will be Shetland’s COVID memorial and will be available at set locations throughout Shetland, as well as online.

    The book will also capture community member’s stories around COVID 19. Researching and capturing this will be as important as recording the artist commissions.

    The photographer and writer will work collaboratively with the designer, to create content and produce this publication, with support from Shetland Arts. They will work in partnership with the artists and the local community to capture their stories around COVID 19, taking inspiration from the summary of Phase 1 Artist, Christina Inkster’s Report. The videographer will create a video that will be shared online that captures the process and product of the commissions.

    To deliver this project, you must be skilled in your art form (i.e photography) and you must also have organisational skills to communicate and collaborate with the artists to ensure that you are able to capture their content. We expect this to be multiple meetings per artist. For example, there may be a circumstance that you capture the artist planning with a community group, then again when they are pulling the final piece together, and once more as the piece reaches completion. This will vary per artist, but it is essential that all stages of the process are captured.

    The photographer, writer and videographer will be capturing reflective moments from Community members/groups and Artists about their experience of COVID-19, which will also be reflected throughout the book.

    Each of these artists will be paid £5,000. There are no materials included in this fee.

    The designer will then collate the content creating a book. We anticipate them working alongside the content creators so that they can acknowledge what more may be needed throughout the process.

  • Applychevron-down

    Do you have experience in capturing photos for publications? Or do you have an interest in expanding your skillset to work towards this publication?

    To apply please answer the questions below:

    • What role are you applying for?

    • Why you wish to apply for this role?

    • What are your connections to Shetland?

    And include:

    • Your experience in art form – you can include links to website or portfolios

    • Evidence of your skillset in organisation and collaboration

    Applications can be emailed to [email protected] by 17th January 2024.



  • Call out for Commissioned and Recording Artists.

  • Open session.

  • 1-2-1s available for artists.


  • 17th January applications due.

  • Interview and appoint all artists.

  • Open session.

  • 1-2-1s available for artists.

February – May:

  • Artist to deliver projects.

  • Material collated from photographer, videographer and writer to share the ongoing development of projects online and begin on making the book.


  • Commissions complete.

  • All content from recording team.

  • Book creation by Designer.


  • Book complete with all material and sent to publisher.

  • Online version set up with space for videos.


  • Publication complete and placed in locations.

  • Launch.