Have you got a great idea for an arts project?

Shetland Arts has a dynamic approach to supporting creative people. It is based on the belief that creative opportunity should be available to all and that an arts organisation should listen to the ideas of the community it serves, develop skills, and wherever possible, facilitate dreams, ideas and ambitions. We’re here to provide events and activities in all the arts forms and we will continue to challenge and inspire in the work we do. But we want you to be a key voice in the shaping of our future plans.

Shetland Arts wants to hear your ideas. We want to respond and enable our community to participate in arts activity. We realise the need to be flexible and adaptive; to be drive by our community and its aspirations. It is our arts officers’ job to work with you to device radical and exciting new activity.

This is how it works… We meet regularly to discuss ideas for future projects. At these meetings our skilled team plans programmes of activity in all the art forms. If you have an idea for something you’d like to see happening, contact one of them and we guarantee that your idea will be discussed. You are also welcome to come along to these meetings. The process is below:

1. Got an idea?

The process begins with an idea. It is the moment when a creative project takes life.

2. Contact us

Take your idea to Shetland Arts. At this stage we will put you in touch with the right person and they will record your idea. It’s then formally part of our development discussions.

3. A place for discussion

At an arts development meeting your idea will be discussed by all our team. You might also be part of that meeting. Everything about your idea will be judged against Shetland Arts’ aims, the aims of the Shetland Charitable Trust and the Quality Framework of Creative Scotland. If your project is unsuccessful at this stage one of our team will discuss with you how it could be reworked, or where alternative sources of support might be found.

4. Research and development

You will work with Shetland Arts to plan how your idea can be developed into an event or project. This step is vital – it makes your idea ready to move forward.

5. Go?

There will be a last, thorough discussion of your idea. If we feel the project needs to be reworked somehow, one of our team will work with you to adapt your project. If it is successful at this stage, we go on.

6. Make it happen!

You will meet with us to discuss the practical organisation and delivery of your activity or event. Our Operations and Marketing teams will take the lead on the production of the project, but you will also still have regular meetings with your key contact.

7. Event or activity

The event or activity takes place. We will help you deliver the project and monitor its success.

8. How did it go?

At Shetland Arts we have to carefully evaluate every project we’re involved in. You’ll take part in an evaluation meeting and these will be recorded.

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