Following on from the successful Refresh Now commissions earlier in the year Shetland Arts invite applications from performers seeking to stage new work live in October, November or December 2021. Commissions can be made in music, theatre, dance or any performing art and for any venue in Shetland. These commissions are supported by a second round of the Performing Arts Venues Relief Fund, through Creative Scotland.

We encourage artists at all stages of their career, with all levels of experience to submit an idea you want to develop, something exciting and something you’re passionate about. From a new play in a really rural setting to a dance piece in the middle of town, get in touch with your projects.

We invite commission ideas that:

  • Create new and exciting opportunities for artists and audiences in Shetland
  • Develop the performer’s creative practice and skills
  • Are developed by artists based in Shetland or who have strong links to the community

Shetland Arts will provide:

  • A fee which will be discussed with the Shetland Arts team and the successful artists. It is anticipated that this will be up to £10,000, including support towards production costs.
  • Space, where available, in Mareel to develop work
  • Technical support to produce the work live, or online
  • Marketing support
  • Producing support from the Programme Manager

How to apply:

The application process will have two stages; an initial proposal submission to [email protected] followed by an interview for shortlisted candidates. We seek to make the process as simple as possible and ask for the following in the first stage:

  • A description of your idea or project
  • A budget proposal – we expect this to be an outline only
  • Details of other support you feel would be beneficial – for example rehearsal space, studio access, administrative guidance, marketing support
  • A projected timescale

Please use only a maximum of two sides of A4 and include some information about yourself as an artist; for example a link to a website, a statement about your work or a CV. We welcome images, drawings and links to recordings or film as part of your submission.

If you would prefer to submit your proposal by video, please make sure it is no longer than 5 minutes duration and upload via Vimeo or YouTube, protected by a password.

All applications will be considered by a panel from Shetland Arts and shortlisted candidates will be invited to discuss their proposal further before a final decision is made.

For any queries or support in composing an application, or if you require this information in an alternative format, please contact Floortje Matthew on [email protected]

All applications to be made to Shetland Arts on [email protected] by Sunday 19th September 2021. All work must be staged live in Shetland during October, November or December 2021.

Image: Scott Tomlinson of The Stoals, performing during Refresh Now 2021. Photographer: Vaila Walterson.