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Refresh Now: Artist & Maker Commissions

Shetland Arts is looking for artists and makers based in Shetland, or with a strong Shetland connection, to develop ideas for a range of mid-priced retail products to be sold through Bonhoga, Mareel and ShetlandMade at Sumburgh.

As the next phase of our Refresh Now programme, we want to enable artists and makers to develop proposals for limited edition products that can be retailed at between £15 and £35 (wholesale £7.50 to £15). Each successful applicant will receive £500 funding to develop a design that Shetland Arts may commission for a production run, to be sold through our retail outlets, throughout 2021 and 2022.

We invite artists and makers in Shetland, or with a strong Shetland connection, that: 

  • Have an existing art or maker practice.

  • Are keen to explore the potential of limited-edition production runs.

  • Feel able to design a product that can be wholesaled at between £7.50 to £15 per unit.

  • Are happy to grant exclusive rights to Shetland Arts for an initial period of 12 months, plus 12 months from production being commissioned. After which you can make the product available through all your usual sources. If we decide not to commission your product for any reason the rights will revert back to you immediately.

  Shetland Arts will provide: 

  • A payment of £500

  • Two group sessions between successful applicants for mutual support.

  • A project initiation and a mid-project meeting with the Shetland Arts retail team to discuss ideas

COVID-19 Restrictions

Shetland Arts runs retail opportunities at Bonhoga, Mareel and Sumburgh Airport.

Bonhoga – Reopened in line with Protection Level 3 guidance for galleries and museums.  Running on restricted days (Friday – Sunday) whilst demand is assessed. 

  Mareel – Will reopen to the public in Protection Level 2 in line with guidance for cinemas. 

  ShetlandMade at Sumburgh – Will reopen in negotiation with HIAL when travel demand has returned to sufficient levels. 

How to apply: 

The application process will have two stages; an initial proposal submission potentially followed by an interview for shortlisted candidates. We aim to make the process as simple as possible and ask for the following in the first stage: 

  • A description of your current work with appropriate images

  • A short statement of how you intend to approach the opportunity.

Please use a maximum of two sides of A4 and include some information about yourself as an artist/maker; for example a link to a website, a statement about your work or a CV. We welcome images, drawings and links to recordings or film as part of your submission. 

If you would prefer to submit your proposal by video, please make sure it is no longer than 5 minutes duration and upload via Vimeo or YouTube, protected by a password.  

All applications will be considered by a panel from Shetland Arts and shortlisted candidates may be invited to discuss their proposal further before a final decision is made. 

For any queries or support in composing an application, or if you require this information in an alternative format, please contact us. 

Please send your applications to admin@shetlandarts.org with the subject line ‘Refresh Now – Retail’.

All applications to be made by midnight on Sunday 28th February.

Interviews (if necessary) will be held on Monday 8th March.

Selected artist/makers will have until the end of April to design their product.


With your continuing support, we can do more.

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