Volunteers are integral to the work that Shetland Arts does.

From our board of trustees to the various roles at all levels of our organisation, volunteers can change our way of thinking and challenge our perceptions and processes. They offer a wealth of experience, passion and enthusiasm for the arts by getting involved in what we do.

Shetland Arts has a tradition of volunteering: many of our staff came to be working in the arts as volunteers in some way or another, and our board of trustees, which provides strategic overview and governance of the work we do, is made up of volunteers.

We are now on a journey to enable volunteers young and old to take an active part in shaping Shetland Arts, and we can also help fund volunteer training opportunities.

Read on for the experience of one of our volunteers and find our how you can get involved in Shetland Arts.

Volunteer Profile - Graeme Taylor

Name: Graeme Taylor
Age: 25
First joined Shetland Arts: July 2013

Role: Helping stock check Front of House and Cafe Bar stores. Ticket tearing for the cinema screenings. As time has gone by my choice of roles have expanded into other aspects I thought were initially beyond me, but I have proven to rise to the challenge and complete the necessary tasks to its highest level.

What you enjoy most: I enjoy doing the tasks that are set for me, and helping out with my colleagues. I feel positive when I am noted for my enthusiasm for my work. I have also made a number of friends who I feel confident enough to come to when things need clarification.

What you dislike most: The aspects I refrain from doing are very few, but cash handling and dealing directly with customers are tasks I feel would greatly improve with time, confidence and training. I am most happy to remain in the roles I am responsible for completing e.g. stock checking.

What other roles do you hope to move onto doing: I hope to eventually gain paid employment and would like to continue working at Mareel.

Would you recommend: Yes I would highly recommend. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door into the world of work.

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