Abstraction, Architecture and Reality

11 Mar - 23 Apr 2017
Public Opening
Friday 10 March, 6 - 7.30pm Everyone welcome

Toby Paterson is one of Scotland's leading contemporary artists. His work derives from encounters with architecture and the built environment and can manifest itself in various two and three dimensional ways, whether in galleries and museums or in public spaces. His work stems from an interest in the ideas of architects who were influenced by Modernism and working in the post-war period.

He draws on first-hand experiences of visiting and recording built environments around the world, but his artworks go far beyond simply documenting such places: he creatively interprets and re-imagines architectural spaces.

Architecture is the starting point from which he explores the effects of the passage of time on the spaces that surround us, hinting at the economic, social or political ideas behind building projects. He has also been influenced by 20th century artists such as Robert Smithson, Victor Pasmore, Mary Martin and Donald Judd.