This work in Mareel's upper cafe bar invites you to ask yourself questions about who you are. Each portrait is named and has a few words to allow you to let your mind wander and to think about the person you are looking at and also about human experience, how you relate to your own life to that of another.

10 Nov - 31 May 2022

Age, race, religion, ability, sexuality, gender are all things that can divide us, but we are all intrinsically the same. We share so much but we are often blinded to the experience of others. The Artist is asking you to see yourself in others.

Joyce Davies is a local, self-taught artist. She began making art in 2019 when she attended wellbeing classes at Mareel and now exhibits her work nationally and internationally. She produces monoprints at both Gaada Visual Art Workshop in Burra and at Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen.

In line with current regulations, please continue to wear a face covering when browsing the exhibition and moving around Mareel, unless exempt. Please be mindful of your distance between yourself and other customers.

Image: Logan, 2021, monoprint by Joyce Davies