For the Festive season this year, we have an exhibition in Bonhoga featuring a diverse group of Shetland artists and makers.

28 Oct - 24 Dec 2022
Opening Hours
Wednesday - Sunday | 10:30am - 4:30pm

You will be able to browse and buy a selection of work from these artists and makers including prints, embroidery, paintings, photography and paper cuts. In addition to the exhibition there’s a fantastic selection of gifts available to buy from the Bonhoga shop, as the countdown to Christmas begins.

Gilly B

Gilly B’s work is about Shetland and Scandinavian landscapes, past and present traditions, islands and the sea. Her work is usually done in bold paper cuts and colourful collage.

Kristi Tait

Kristi Tait has been working as an artist for over 20 years. Since the early 2000’s, she has been living in Burra and working as a Fine Art and Community lecturer at Shetland UHI. Kristi is currently working on a long-term Shetland project, Weather Island.

Howard Towll

Howard Towll studied ecology with a particular interest in seabird biology and ecology, which brought him to Shetland over 30 years ago. produces mainly relief prints - woodcuts and lino - all based on a vast amount of direct observation and drawing of Shetland wildlife and landscapes.

Diane Garrick

Diane Garrick is a Shetland-based artist who creates machine embroidered maps of local and coastal walks, lino prints and botanical illustrations of native flowers. She sees her maps as being a way of combining and embodying her love of walking, cartography and sewing.

Billy Arthur (Lona Brak)

Billy Arthur (Lona Brak) is an underwater photographer who documents the rich and little-understood world beneath the waves around Shetland. In his work, he focuses on the tiny and undiscovered elements of sealife.

Linda Newington

Linda Newington is a painted and printmaker living in Shetland. She has interest in working with a variety of media, with her work comprising a range of drawing, painting, printmaking, and artists’ books.