4-29 Sep 2019
Opening Hours
Daily: 12 - 5pm

The Booth, Scalloway

As part of Beyond Bonhoga, Shetland Arts' ongoing programme of off-site exhibitions in locations across Shetland, we present Stoal, an exhibition by Roseanne Watt at The Booth in Scalloway.

In a series of short filmpoems, Roseanne Watt summons up five 'uncan' (strange) beings who act as guardians of Shetland's landscape, language and memory. Made with the assistance of the Kishie Wife Collective, spirits of land, sea, fire and water come together in this exhibition to observe what has been, and what may yet happen.

Roseanne Watt is a poet, filmmaker and musician from Shetland whose work is inspired by the landscape and language of her birthplace. She won the Edwin Morgan Poetry Award in 2018, the Outspoken Poetry Prize (Poetry in Film) in 2015 and was runner-up in the 2018 Aesthetica Creative Writing Award. She lives and works in Edinburgh.