2 Sep - 15 Oct 2017
Public Opening
Friday 1 September, 6 - 7.30pm. Everyone welcome.

Behind the North Wind draws together work by three prominent artists from the Nordic region: Malfridur Aðalsteindóttir (Norway), Kristín Reynisdóttir (Iceland) and Barbara Ridland (Shetland).

Each has explored their connection to the idea of North, described variously throughout history as either a place of darkness and cold, hard and evil or - in complete contrast - a place where virtuous people live in happiness and joy, behind the north wind.

Malfridur Adalsteinsdottir originates from Iceland, but now lives and works in Norway. Her work is concerned with nature, cultural heritage and craft tradition. It often focuses on the harsh nature of Iceland, northern Norway and Spitsbergen - the clear and bright light that forms a pattern when shining on water, ice and snow, the beauty and stillness, but also the grandness of nature and climate. She combines contemporary art with traditional time-consuming craft traditions, demanding close ties between the product and the maker and a reliance on natural resources.

Barbara Ridland lives in Shetland and studied Drawing and Painting at Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen in the late eighties. She has exhibited internationally including Norway, Faroe and Iceland. Her work has been shaped by Nordic elements and island identities. Her approaches are two and three-dimensional and are both painterly and textile based.

Kristín Reynisdóttir lives and works in Iceland. Her work deals with the personal and the societal, what she refers to as inner and outer worlds. Speculating about how man deals with his surroundings and under strong influence from nature, the latest works refer to global warming. She works with light, glass or plexiglass, natural elements and other fabrics, making photos, videos and sculpture.