Dispecta est Thule is taken from the Anderson High School Crest 'Thule is seen' [Thule – the Greek and Roman name for the most northerly known land in the Atlantic].

1 May - 1 Nov 2024
Twageos Road / Mareel (Upper Cafe Bar)
Twageos Road: 1 May - 1 June 2024
Mareel: 1 May - November 2024

In 1862 the Anderson Educational Institute was opened in Lerwick, named after Shetlander Arthur Anderson, entrepreneur and co-founder of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company. It became the Anderson High School which, with the addition of many buildings, remained for 155 years, until the school’s relocation in 2017 to its new site at Clickimin Loch.

Shetland Islands Council’s redevelopment plan will transform the Knab to meet the future needs of Lerwick and the community of Shetland as a whole. The only original buildings that will remain are the Institute, the Bruce Hostel, the Janet Courtney Hostel and the Science Block.

In partnership with SIC, Shetland Arts commissioned local photographer Dave Donaldson to document the demolition and clearing of the site. His photographs chart this stage of the site’s evolving history through 2023, including the people and the processes involved.

Dave Donaldson is a Shetland-based photographer whose editorial and commercial work is well-known throughout the Isles. For this project he worked closely with contractors Central Demolition to get safe, regular access to the site.

The exhibition is made up of two parts: the photographs at Twageos Rd that focus on the demolition and infrastructure, and the portrait series in Mareel that celebrate the people that came to Shetland with Central Demolition to carry out the work.

Shetland Arts is grateful to Lerwick Community Council for their support with the staging of Dispecta est Thule.

Note: this exhibition is split across two locations in Lerwick throughout May, after which the work at Twageos Rd will be removed to comply with planning restrictions.

For more information on the Knab project visit http://knab.shetland.gov.uk.

An audio description of the exhibition is available below for visually-impaired visitors to access the work.

Audio Description of Exhibition

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