Learn Ableton Live music production software for free with Berklee College of Music, Coursera and Shetland Arts.

Learn Ableton Live music production software for free with Berklee College of Music, Coursera and Shetland Arts.

Ableton has recently announced that they are making their flagship software Ableton Live free for a 90-day demo period. To make the best of this opportunity, Shetland Arts are inviting folk to sign up for this free course and join a weekly online study group.

The free course is designed by Berklee College of Music and hosted on the Coursera online learning platform and will introduce many of the features of this powerful Digital Audio Workstation. Shetland Arts will support participants via a weekly online VC hosted by Ableton user and Shetland Arts Head of Creative Opportunities, Bryan Peterson.

From the Coursera course description:

You will explore some of Live’s most powerful and useful functionality: MIDI programming, audio recording, warping and processing, looping editing, mixing, performing, file management, and troubleshooting. Meant to be a springboard for those who are new to Ableton Live and/or DAWs in general, this three-week course will provide you with a strong knowledge base for using Live to take your musical ideas from conception to final recording. The course breaks down the many barriers of entry into music technology and encourages all those who wish, to create fearlessly.

At the weekly VC sessions, Bryan Peterson will provide support, signposting to additional learning resources and encourage online collaboration between group members.

Participants will have the option to pay Coursera to take online exams to gain certification.


1. Download software

Download your 90 day free-trial of Ableton Live at https://www.ableton.com/en/trial/. Be sure to select the right operating system. Ableton will ask you to create an account, but they won't ask you for card details. When you download, install and open the programme, a pop-up window will tell you how many days you have left in the free-trial.

2. Register for the course

Join the Ableton Live course at https://www.coursera.org/learn/ableton-live. You will be asked to create an account with Corsera. You have the option to take the free course, or register to take online exams to gain certification.

3. Join the supported Shetland Arts Facebook group

Find the group at here and send a request to join. We'll post regular updates and use the space as a further forum for discussion about Ableton Live.

View an intro to Ableton Live 10.1 below


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