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Only Science Can Save You Tuesday 9 July at 11am, 3pm, & 7pm @ Mareel, Shetland

Join Doctor Smith from the Zombie Institute for Theoretical Studies as he puts you at the heart of a hypothetical Zombieism epidemic, and teaches you what to do when a Zombie outbreak occurs. Worst Case Scenario is a new spoof tutorial on the real science behind a disease outbreak, featuring a multi-media presentation and interactive demonstrations the outcome of the outbreak is down to you; with multiple endings depending on how you decide to deal with the Zombies.

Founder of the Institute, Doctor Austin says: “Generally people believe the best way to deal with Zombies is to conduct involuntary euthanasia, but murdering people afflicted with a disease isn’t very nice, or effective. “

This tutorial is a sequel to the successful 2010/11 Zombie Science 1Z lecture which explored the real science behind the undead and received a wealth of critical acclaim and five star reviews.

Worst Case Scenario expands on the science covered in Zombie Science 1Z to communicate topics including genetics, virology and epidemiology. The tutorial format will simulate a Zombieism outbreak and teach you how the cause of a new disease is identified, what preventative measures can reduce its spread, and how treatments and cures are developed.


Supported by the Scottish Government, Wellcome Trust and University of Glasgow, Zombie Science: Worst Case Scenario is designed to educate, entertain, and inspire teenage & adult audiences about Zombiology as well as other biological sciences.

Ensuring the science is deadly accurate are a team of scientists including; Dr. Kevin O’Dell, Senior Lecturer in Molecular Genetics at the University of Glasgow and Dr. Katie White, a research associate at the University of Glasgow with a PhD in Cardiovascular Gene Therapy.

Always remember in the fight against Zombieism the greatest weapon is knowledge, and crossbows, but mainly knowledge.

Zombie Science: Worst Case Scenario is suitable for people aged 13+. It is free to attend, but booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. Tickets are available to book via Shetland Box Office in Mareel & Islesburgh, over the phone on 01595 745 555, or online here.

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