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In the second of our work experience blogs Callum Leask lets us know what he has been up to during his week with Shetland Arts

Day 1:

After spending a morning getting ready and contemplating the fact that I was essentially going for my first week of work, I came into Mareel, where I was met by Helen who had organised my week. She gave me a brief overview of what I’d be doing there for my week, and then gave me a tour of the building and introduced me to staff as we went, which was great as I didn’t realise there were so many different ways to get around the building. After spending half an hour or so going around the many corridors, I was brought up to marketing where I was able to go around the room and find out about the different jobs people there did, and what the job of the department was overall. After spending time with the different members I followed them into a meeting to get a firsthand view of how things were planned for the upcoming week.

I then got to have my afternoon doing jobs at front of house, learning how they set up the area, restock, price items and keep the entire area clean. I went between doing small odd jobs and restocking the front shop, and all in all had a great time doing so!

Day 2:

Every morning from Tuesday to Friday I spent the first hour or so setting up the café and making sure the tables were clean and ready for customers, and collecting ice and drinks which were to be sold later.

Once that was done I went with Fraser and got to help the Uni students work on their creative project, by setting up mics and preparing the software for recording. I got to hear how their project sounded as the drums were being recorded, and was completely blown away, (if any of you happen to be reading then congrats on the great piece!)

Once all the recording was done I went to watch the night lights show that was being held in the auditorium and see how the techs had set up the lights and sounds, and then went with some of them to help in the construction of the big top in the main park, which was brilliant fun, Everyone there was really keen to get me involved, so I always had a job to do!

Day 3:

Once the café was set up in the morning again I got to spend some time in an ops meeting to see how the previous week was reviewed and how customer criticisms and compliments were taken into consideration when planning things. The meeting finished earlier than planned so I got to go and spend some time with Tim in the recordig booth, and saw how tracks were prepared for an album.

After lunch I went to another meeting, this time for programming, where artists and bands are suggested and picked to play in concerts and festivals. It was cool to see this process and understand exactly how the events we go to are prepared.

Day 4:

Once again I set up the café in the morning, and then went with Shane to learn how finances are handled, and got to try to make up some spreadsheets myself, and this was actually surprisingly enjoyable, as there was something satisfying about getting everything typed up and finished. I then went with Wendy again and found out about the process people go through to be employed by Shetland Arts, and how holidays and sick days are recorded.

I got to spend more time with the front of house staff again in the afternoon, doing more jobs there to help keep everything running smoothly, and to make sure customers got the best possible service. I got to help with reorganising the Bonhoga shop, and made up a small display for the jewellry that came in.

Day 5

I was both excited and slightly saddened by coming in on my last day, as honestly I’d had the best week I could have hoped for and I didn’t want it to come to an end so soon, but I still had a whole day of activities left.

The café didn’t take long to set up on Friday so I got to have another hour with the front of house, doing some small jobs but nothing much as it was rather quiet. I then got to go with JJ to see how films are loaded and played, how they’re delivered, and how they’re checled to see that they’re running smoothly, and that they have no issues with sound or image. There weren’t really any issues but I got to see how the software that automates the films is programmed and set up and how any issues that appear are resolved.

For my final task of my Work Experience week, I went back to marketing, to finish writing my blog for the week to go on the Shetland arts website, the one you’re currently reading! I’ll take this last little section to thank Shetland Arts for taking me for a week, and to thank everyone I’ve met through the week as you’ve all been so kind and welcoming! Hope I’ll see you about when I come into Mareel from time to time! :D

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