This month we have work experience students with us to learn about what goes on behind the scenes at Mareel and what it is like to work for an Arts organisation. Cameron’s blog is the first of a series as the students spend some time in the different departments and reflect on their experience.


I came to work experience here so that I get a good feel of the building because I come here for my college course on Fridays. I thought it'd be a good idea to come here so I know more about the building and the people who work here.

Monday: induction day, looked around the whole building. Got introduced to everyone, worked with Fraser with the college students. Went to marketing to reflect our blogs for us to do for the week. Enjoyed looking around the building, I liked working with Fraser and the students.

Tuesday: worked with Fraser again. Watched editing and recording music. Went to the Shetland Youth Theatre tech rehearsal prep with Liam and Cara. Again I liked working with Fraser and the students, I liked working at the youth theatre.

Wednesday: worked at the cafe bar in the morning, went to an operations meeting, admin with Helen, programming meeting in the afternoon with Graeme, prep for creative industries forum meeting. Enjoyed working at the cafe bar, I was interested in the two meetings but it really gets you tired.

Thursday: finance with Shane, admin with Helen, front of house with Lindsey and Matthew. Liked financing with Shane, admin with Helen and I liked being at FOH with Lindsey and Matthew.

Friday: cafe bar in the morning with Zoe and Magnus, marketing in the afternoon with Laura, Adam and Esther. Enjoyed being at the cafe bar, in the process of doing marketing with Laura, Adam and Esther.