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My name is Kerry Brown I am 14 years old and I go to Mid Yell junior high school. I did my week of work experience at Mareel which I was very excited to start, I was interested in how each area of Mareel worked and what all the staff did.

Before my work experience I never really realised how big the building was and how much of the building the public don’t see including the staff people don’t see whose jobs are equally important to the running of everything. I didn’t know what to expect but I was excited and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. I really enjoyed each job that I got to do and everyone I worked with was very friendly and incredibly helpful.

On Monday I was given a tour of the building, helped put data into a database, logged in mail, attended meetings, helped print out and cut film showing sheets, I also dated some finance paperwork, everything I did I really enjoyed and it was a great first day!

On Tuesday I was in the café which I really enjoyed even though I couldn’t make drinks, I got to take drinks to tables and clear up tables. In the afternoon I put in invoices into a program so that they could be payed the next day, I also logged in more data and helped come up with an idea for an event for young people at Mareel.

On Wednesday I helped pay invoices, attended an operations meeting and learned how the recording studio worked I then finished off in the café.

On Thursday I helped set out seats and set up lighting for the student showcase. It was really cool to learn how to work lights but I also got to go right to the top of the auditorium where the lighting in the roof is.

On Friday I helped with the testing in the cinema to make sure the sound was alright and it wasn’t too loud. I also got to see the projectors that are used for the film. I was then working in the café taking drinks and food to the tables and then I helped put away the chairs from Thursday.

I am really grateful that I could do my work experience with Mareel and I really enjoyed my week. Some of the jobs I was doing I thought I wouldn’t enjoy like the finance and admin and I was more excited to work in the café but I actually enjoyed doing the finance and admin side of things. I am disappointed that work experience is only one week because I really loved working there. I really appreciate everyone who I worked with for helping me.

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