Hello, my name is Emma Leask, I’m 15 and I go to the Anderson High School. I have been giving the opportunity to work at Shetland Arts for the week as part of my work experience, which I have really enjoyed! I got the chance to work in many departments and I have had an extremely varied week.

To start off with, I was helping out with tasks in the offices and took on the job of watching the live stream of the Hebrides Ensemble from Perth Concert Hall, which I wrote a review on. I also got to help hang up new posters, from the stairs, for an upcoming film which was exciting.

The next day included the tech department and more office jobs. I helped coil up many cables that were left on stage from the Folk Festival and got to learn about different mics, leads etc. The sound & light desks were also introduced to me which was interesting as it is something I might come across lots. I also got the chance to blast some loud music in the auditorium which was fun!

After working with the tech department, I got the opportunity to watch a film and give my opinions on it, which were positive and I found the movie eye opening. Then I helped more with office jobs, which I enjoy.

On Wednesday, I participated in some meetings, seeing what goes on “behind the scenes” which made me realise that there is so much that goes on that not many people know about. Once the meetings were over, I got set the task of helping out in the café. Originally, in my head the café is something that I couldn’t see myself enjoying but it has become one of the best parts of my week.

The next day I was helping at front of house and seeing how the box office works and I got to take some tickets for a film. After that, I got the chance to go to Bonhoga and help out in the shop there. I really liked being in the shop, it was very busy and I got to work on the till. Once I returned from Bonhoga, I got to work in the café again which I was very happy about as it became something I really loved.

My last day was a nice, calm morning where I got to work in the café again and I completed lots of tasks.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my week at Shetland Arts and I hope I could have an opportunity to come back again. Thank you to everyone who looked after me and made my week lots of fun!