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This week I have been doing my work experience at Mareel with Shetland arts. I have done a variety of activities such as helping the techs set up for shows, running the payments, helping Jane come up for ideas to do with an upcoming exhibition, doing some front of house work, working in the café and going to staff meetings.

I personally feel like I have learnt a lot of valuable information whilst being here. It has been very interesting to see the behind the scenes of how everything comes together and how ideas get started and discussed. It was amazing to see how much work goes into all the planning and pricing of all the great events.

I came to Mareel for work experience because I was interested in maybe working in the arts in the future. After spending time here this last week I really want to work in the arts even more than I did before. After spending time with the techs I am considering maybe going into a career in that type of work because I really enjoyed it and it was probably the highlight of my week. I have never really done any of the technical work before and really enjoyed learning something new. I felt really buff after helping out set up for Eddie and the Slumber Sisters because I never pick up anything heavy if I can help it (oops) and it was really good to be trusted to help out with that event. I had a very good time doing lots of jobs. I also really enjoyed helping Jane out. That was my second favourite part of the week.

On the whole I think my timetable was very varied and I got to see most of what goes on in the building. I got to spend an equal amount of time in all the departments which was good because I didn’t get bored with having to do one job all the time.

Everybody has been lovely and welcoming to me while I have been here.

Thank you very much for the experience!


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