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The winners of the 'I'm Sure I Know That Face....' competition at Wordplay/Screenplay last month are:

Laura Whittall, Kimberly Patterson, Joanne Adamson, Linda Fox, and The Smith Family, Maywick

All these eagle-eyed winners get 4 free tickets to any Shetland Arts' film screenings between now and the 31st December 2011.   Happy viewing!

(The correct answers were: A = Magi Gibson, B = Stefanie Pottinger, C = Stuart Hubbard, D = Kathy Hubbard, E = Kevin MacNeil, F = Keith Morrison, G = Chris Halcrow, H = Elizabeth Karlsen, I = Donald Anderson, J = Caroline Leask, K = Joanne Adamson, L = Neil Anderson, M = Tim Barrow, N = Laura Whittall, O = John Glenday, P = Linda Ruth Williams, Q = Viv French, R = Richard Wemyss, S = Gwilym Gibbons, T = Harry Whitham, U = Stephen Woolley, V = Alistair Peebles, W = Mark Kermode and X = Julie Moncrieff)


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