During December Shetland Arts invited anyone to take six photos in Shetland to tell a story about one of three themes: Home, Blyde and Climate.

Voting took place during the opening week of the exhibition (18 – 29 January) where visitors of the exhibition could cast their votes on the work anonymously displayed. Voting was based on which entry visitors thought told the best story within the six photo limit.

Shetland Arts have announced the winners of each theme featured in the FOCUS Photography Exhibition at Bonhoga:

  • Sarah Carr was the winner for ‘Home’.
  • Stuart and Kathy Hubbard for ‘Blyde’.
  • Emma Coote for ‘Climate’.

The FOCUS exhibition features all the submissions to the FOCUS photography challenge and names of entrants will now be displayed next to their work.

The FOCUS photography challenge and exhibition were supported by the Camera Centre, Lerwick.

'Home' winner - Sarah Carr

‘Blyde’ winner - Stuart and Kathy Hubbard

‘Climate’ winner - Emma Coote

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