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Film Wednesday audiences are in for a special treat at The Garrison on Wednesday 9th May with a screening of the 1961 film West Side Story.

Many film makers have updated Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, but none quite like Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins, who set the tale of the star-crossed lovers in the New York City of the late 1950’s. Two gangs – the Jets, led by Riff (Russ Tamblyn), and their Puerto-Rican opposition, The Sharks, led by Bernardo (George Chakiris) – battle for dominance in the neighbourhood streets. Trying to broker peace between the two groups, the authorities hold a dance in a local gym, but even this turns fiercely and dangerously competitive. To make matters more complex, Riff’s best friend Tony (Richard Beymer) sees Bernardo’s sister Maria (Natalie Wood) across the dance floor and the two instantly fall in love, thus setting the stage for tragedy.

What makes this version of the Bard’s tragic tale so special is the hugely exciting Bernstein score and some of the best and most energising choreography ever filmed. The result is an electrifying, often exuberant and totally unforgettable cinematic experience.

West Side Story has a PG certificate, and tickets are available from Shetland Box Office at Islesburgh Community Centre, 01595 745555.

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