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I was in Unst today where the Fetlar bairns joined the Art World Workshop No. 2. Each class is making something different for The Art World.

All the primary pupils are interpreting an object or image from the last workshop into a new medium. The Art World isn’t just made of art mediums like drawing and painting, in the Art World lives poetry and stories, writing, music and performance – P3 and 4 will show you this in the final exhibition in June/July.

P1+2 did some observational drawing from the big painting. They did amazingly well – check out the pictures below to see the images from the painting interpreted in pen and pencil!

P3+4 are writing stories and poems based on objects made by all schools. I hope by the next time I visit they can think of some wonderful rhymes (See Parrot Arm).

P5+6 were excited to make some large scale (A2) tonal drawings of clay objects – these will join Aith School’s artworks on the walls of the gallery. Unfortunately I have no action shots of them drawing…you’ll have to wait ’till June to see the results. The drawings are very good, and getting more 3d by the second.

p7 didn’t get much time with me today as they had a careers day. I’m hoping they will also do some drawings of the clay objects too.

S1+2 have a very important job – they are creating the movement in the gallery in the form of stop-motion animations. We had a practice today and I’m really looking forward to seeing their final films.

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