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Today we have had Sandwick’s S2s and Brae’s P6 and 7s visiting The Colony and making artwork for their own exhibition in Mareel’s auditorium.

Sandwick are working on a collaborative map, tracking their journey to the exhibition, and outlining Shetland’s coastline. We are asking one group from every school to help us track their journey. Whalsay will work on this next.

It's really interesting to hear the young artists speaking about Dinh’s Q Lê’s work - everybody has a different opinion. Today Sandwick were questioning what it means to be an artist.

Brae’s primary pupils already knew that the guano shown in Dinh’s work is used as fertiliser, they also knew where the Chincha islands are! They have such interesting opinions about the soundtrack - some groups think the music is creepy and scary, that the animations are like ghosts, others that it is soothing, and reminds them of the sound of the wind and the sea.

We can’t wait to see how the work develops with each school group over the next few days.

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