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Shetland Youth Theatre (SYT) met once again to continue work on our latest show "In the Still of the Night Have we Wept". Scripts were issued, first few lines assigned and placements on stage decided. A beginning to a show exploring how the war affect us, emotionally and physically.

The opening of any production takes time to perfect with SYT laying down the foundation and ploughing through the beginning section of the script, from practising looking bored to crafting emotional movement in response the soldiers fighting in the trenches. The cast created noises to fit the scenes whether it be the clacking of mothers knitting needles to the marching of soldiers.

Groups interpreted the script in different ways to create pieces of choreographed movement before selecting a final style and using it to show a range of images and feelings, whilst trying to avoid the ever tempting, comic relief, of jazz hands.

The rehearsal came to a close with the cast left mostly on the floor, like troops lying in the trenches

From teenagers, to mothers waving off their sons, to trench rats, SYT march on in their quest for a thought provoking and reflective piece of drama to mark the centenary of the first world war.

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