Although Mareel is still closed, the building itself is coming alive with an exterior exhibition of photographic work this week. Show Me features work from nine young photographers from Shetland who have been working on a project throughout February and March to capture their lives in Shetland right now, giving a glimpse into their worlds during these strange and challenging times.

Working with photography collective Document Scotland and with no need for prior experience or professional photographic equipment, these nine young people have been encouraged to find new ways to tell stories through their pictures. Document Scotland is a collective of three Scottish documentary photographers; Jeremy Sutton Hibbert, Colin McPherson and Sophie Gerrard, brought together by a common vision to witness and photograph important and diverse stories within Scotland. Their expertise and insight has been shared with the group through informal online workshops and discussions, facilitated by Shetland Arts. An informal salon evening online saw the young photographers showing their new work beside Shetland work of photographers such as Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Tom Kidd, Craig Easton and Map6 Collective photographers Heather Shuker and Richard Chivers. The Document Scotland ‘Show Us Shetland’ project was funded by Creative Scotland. From the work submitted as part of this project, two images from each young photographer have been chosen for the exhibition.

Jane Matthews of Shetland Arts explains, “Once we saw the work these young photographers had created it made perfect sense to show it off in the best way we can. The work is beautiful, accomplished, and captures a moment in time from nine very personal perspectives so we’re excited to be featuring it on the outside of Mareel for everyone to enjoy”.


Aileen Cumming, Freya Deyell, Kailee Tait, Katrena Anderson, Kiera Nicolson, Kiy Rafferty, Lucy Renwick, Martha Brown and Sophie Manson.

Banner & thumbnail image: Lucy Renwick