SHETLAND Arts look forward to welcoming Independent Arts Projects (IAP) in association with National Theatre of Scotland to Mareel with their touring show Shō and the Demons of the Deep by Zoë Bullock.

Shō and the Demons of the Deep is a visual adventure story about overcoming fear, and how the actions of one generation can affect the next. The production is inspired by the powerful picture book of the same name by Annouchka Gravel Galouchko.

It is a perfect story for the times we are living through; about young people dealing with anxiety and how to be a small brave person in a big scary world.

"Shō and the Demons of the Deep is a hopeful, joyous show about how we can work together to confront what scares us. It's based on a beautiful picture book, and we've worked hard to do that justice and make something magical. Creating it with a wonderful team and the support of the NTS has been an absolute pleasure, and I can't wait to share the story with people across Scotland." - Zoë Bullock (Writer)

Shō and the Demons of the Deep

Shō’s city has been plagued by nightmares for as long as she can remember, but hers are the worst of all. One day, Shō decided she’d had enough. She throws her nightmares away into the river, where they wash out to sea. Soon people start copying her; the city is rid of its nightmares, and everyone is delighted. But sixty years later, when the river becomes poisoned, to save her home, Shō’s granddaughter Hana must face her greatest fears.

Sho’s story unfolds through a magical mix of movement, music and miniature worlds, taking the audience from big cities to the ocean floor on a very big adventure!

Two performances will take place at Mareel on Wednesday 24 April 2024:

  • 11am – SCHOOLS ONLY

  • 6:30pm – Public, recommended ages 8+.

Tickets for Shō and the Demons of the Deep cost £8 and are available to purchase online here, in-person at the Box Office in Mareel, or by calling on 01595 745 500 during opening hours of 10am-9pm, Tuesday - Sunday.

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