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Shetland Arts has announced a new programme of showcases at Bonhoga, celebrating craft and its role in Shetland’s culture and economy. Over the summer period the main gallery will host the work of some of Shetland’s most popular and talented practitioners. This programme is part of a new initiative to re-focus the space at Bonhoga towards Applied Art and Craft, while taking the established Visual Art programme out to new and exciting locations throughout Shetland.

The first showcase opens on 31st March and will feature new work as well as current ranges from six of Shetland’s finest makers; including beautifully crafted wooden furniture and gifts from Cecil Tait at Paparwark, inspiring glasswork from Cheryl Jamieson of Glansin Glass, gorgeous cast silver jewellery from Esme Wilcock, as well as a new range of luxury homewares by Gillian Bridle, the designer behind GillyB. Designers Joan Fraser, and Emma Geddes of Aamos Designs, will also be adding new products to their growing collections of contemporary textiles.

The showcases provide a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with craft at a closer level, and discover what it is that inspire local designers and makers to create their amazing pieces. All work featured in the showcases will be for sale, providing a unique opportunity for both visitors and locals alike to support Shetland makers and purchase from a large and diverse collection of local, high quality, contemporary applied art and craft.

Shetland Arts Retail Manager Angela Smith said ‘We are very excited about this opportunity for Shetland designers, artists and makers. We recognise the importance of Craft as an art form, as well as a creative industry, and our artists, designers and makers play a key role in the local creative community. With an increasing demand for local work, we are keen to increase our support of this sector by establishing a retail and exhibition platform for contemporary applied art and craft at Bonhoga.’

Running concurrently with the first showcase, in the Lower Gallery, will be an exhibition of landscapes by Shetland artist Julie Willmore. Julie’s work is inspired by the natural world, in particular Shetland’s diverse landscape and dramatic coastline, the constantly changing weather and the unique quality of light in Shetland.

A further two showcases are planned for the period of May - September.

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