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Some of you may have read the recent article in the Shetland Times - Trusts pushed to be more open.

Shetland Arts is very keen to be as open and as transparent as possible in all aspects of our work. Our website is a window to what we do and as time goes by we hope it will become a rich resource of information for anyone wishing to find out more about us.  It is unclear exactly which specific complaints Councillor Robinson has received as reported in the Shetland Times. Shetland Arts is aware of one exchange of emails in the past 12 months that might be the source of one of the complaints. The email exchange was with a Shetland resident seeking information regards the Mareel Business Plan last August/ September. Readers can judge for themselves the openness of our response. The complainant didn't respond to our last email or take up the invitation to meet.

Shetland Arts seeks to operate within the spirit and guidance of the Freedom of Information Act, even though as a non ‘Public Body’ we don’t fall under the provisions of the Act. We won't get it right all of the time, sometimes regretfully resource limitations will impact on our ability to respond within specific time frames or will limit the ways in which we can respond but we will always seek to be as open as possible. So, if the info you are looking for is not available on our website or you feel we could do better in anyway, please let us know.


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