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Shetland Arts is delighted to announce that it is making free tickets available to the public for the Outer Isles Project concert at the Garrison Theatre on Friday 2 March at 7.30pm. This concert is part of the RSNO’s Out and About Week in Shetland from 1st to 5th March, the first time a full orchestra has performed in Shetland for over 20 years.

This groundbreaking project will see musicians from the RSNO visiting the four most outlying points in Shetland to perform with talented local musicians at community schools. Musicians with close connections to Fair Isle, Foula, Skerries and Unst have been working with players from the RSNO to create their own unique interpretation of Tingaholm, a tune written specially for the RSNO Out and About Week by renowned local fiddler, Chris Stout. The island performances will feature these works, a recital by the RSNO musicians and informal tunes after the event.

Live video links will accompany the performances, with each venue able to see and hear the events taking place elsewhere. All of the performances will be transmitted live back to Lerwick where the proceedings can also be followed at the Garrison Theatre. After the live streamed events, the Garrison audience will be treated to an intimate performance from some of the musicians of the RSNO, live in the Theatre. Free tickets are now open to members of public for this exclusive event.

The streamed events will be available to view on the Internet from 7.30pm on 2nd March at,, and

Some of the local musicians involved in the Outer Isles Project include celebrated traditional fiddler Margaret Scollay who will be leading a group of musicians from the three north isles, contemporary singer-songwriter Lise Sinclair from Fair Isle, accordion-player Peter Wood with Alison Kay Ramsay and Liza Fullerton in Skerries, and Bongshang members Peter Gear, Joyce Wark, JJ Jamieson and Bryan Peterson in Foula.

Fiddler Peter Gear said, “Da prospect o a few folk comin in carryin instruments should go doon quite weel, wi aabody in Foula. Aa da musicians will be made warmly welcome. I am kinda worried though, aboot wis playin' a tune tae Foula folk, dat's been penned by a Fair Isle man!

Margaret Scollay said, “It’s been a great challenge to take another person’s composition and re-interpret it in collaboration with a group of musicians from a classical background. I’m really pleased that the RSNO have engaged with the outlying communities, particularly on such an interesting project.”

Becky Gibby, Head Teacher at Skerries School said: “The islanders are looking forward to this unique opportunity of hosting some of the RSNO. No doubt the music will be superb and the collaboration with Shetland musicians is wonderful.”

Bryan Peterson, Shetland Arts Music Development Officer said: “There have been many musical and technical hurdles to overcome to make the project possible, from the initial stages of collaboration over the Internet to the performances via live link-up. The musicians involved have excelled themselves and staff at Shetland Arts, Shetland College, Promote Shetland, all the schools and the SIC IT department have done an excellent job of pulling it all together. Fingers crossed it all works on the night!”

All of the Outer Isles events are free and open to the public, but booking is strongly recommended. Tickets are available at Shetland Box Office, Islesburgh Community Centre, or online by clicking here or by calling 01595 745 555.


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